Harnessing Perks of 7 Best Third-Party Data Marketplace

Is getting all the profitable third-party data complex, a resource-consuming process for you?

Do you keep trying to mash together data from multiple data marketplaces often complicating your job?

But, there’s a better way- Third-party data marketplace!

The 3rd Party Data providers deliver instant access to the leading B2B and  B2C data providers. As a result, you derive all the business processes you need to ingest and manage data from multiple providers. With these, you save time and money and eliminate all the complexity involved.

Choosing the Most Reliable Third-Party Data Marketplace and Why?

The most reliable source of data doesn’t mean using only first and second-party data providers. Eventually, you will need to acquire additional resources and information and end up finding the third party data sources.

Now that you know that you need to supplement your enterprise with third-party data, the big question is, with so many 3rd party audience data providers out there, how do you pick the best fit for you? 

Here are the best 7 third-party data providers in 2020 and beyond. Have a look:


You can easily integrate into Salesforce for an automatic connection to updated data that supercharges your sales and marketing efforts. Consequently, you can explore a community of data providers with unique needs and drive revenue.  The Salesforce 3rd Party Data Marketplace platform is excellent for the marketers who are looking to capture, unify and activate data across various touchpoints to optimize campaign ROI.

The platform from Salesforce makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning & provides users with complete customer data profiles, multi-channel engagement and helps engage with existing customers (as well as find new prospects).

Adobe Third-Party Data Marketplace

The Adobe third party data marketplace lists CPM, flat rate, and private data feeds. These feeds are provided by third-party vendors who use Audience Manager for selling data. These features of it let you find effective data sources without wasting time looking for a data provider. In addition, Adobe has a platform in the 3rd Party Data Marketplaces area & Data Management Platforms (DMP).

It, as one of the best third-party data providers, is able to manage data at scale. They collect, organize and add insights to the audience data. These platforms are responsible for identifying third-party data, data segmentation, and activating audiences precisely and profitably and improve campaigns easily to support your business goals.


The Dawex is one of the trusted third-party data aggregators that are suppliers and buyers. As a result, it provides for flexibility to sell, buy and share the third party data. After that, it allows you to set up a personalized contract license to promote your data, access new sources and still protect your data. You can find your correspondence history and transaction details at any time, exchange data frequently and monetize data effectively.

The Dawex data platform allows for flexibility to sell, buy and share data. Set up a personalized contract license to promote your data, access new sources and still protect your data. Find your correspondence history and transaction details at any time, use data exchange frequently and monetize data effectively. 

Oracle Third-Party Data Marketplace

Oracle is the industry’s leading cloud-based platform that makes it convenient for marketing organizations to personalize their data, online, offline, mobile marketing campaigns etc with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. The Oracle third party data platform allows for flexibility to sell, buy and share data.

These data activation centres help in knowing the difference between multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing and cross-channel marketing and use the active third party data to optimize and personalize the cross-channel customer journey as much as possible.


The Lotame third-party data marketplace helps marketers, publishers, and agencies in discovering new customers, enhancing engagement, and growing revenue where you sell and buy audience data. It helps data buyers to find the necessary 3rd party data they need and provides tools to enable secure transactions.

In addition, it makes it easy for sellers to connect with buyers and turn their data into great revenues by data monetization. It is well- trusted for providing data activating services. It uses sources like social websites, campaign data, email, CRM tools, etc.


The Snowflake third party data marketplace redefines how companies are acquiring, leveraging and monetizing data to power their businesses. It helps you in seeking access to available datasets/services for deeper insights, richer analytics, and data-driven decision-making.

With its phenomenal third party data solutions, you can turn your data into valuable business assets and earn great revenues. The platform takes care of your data privacy needs and drives massive aid towards activating data and monetizing data.

Taboola Third-Party Data Marketplace

Firstly, the Taboola marketplace presents a list of audience data providers, alongside a predicted cost per acquisition (CPA). After that, it suggests the type of expected performance when you add a new campaign with the data company.

Taboola offers a third party data marketplace to brands, agencies and all businesses. As a result, it empowers them with visible and easy access to the world’s best data companies. In addition, it allows you to pay for data based on your performance when people actually click and discover your content, products and landing pages using the data provider you chose.

In Conclusion,

What matters the most is are you choosing the right data provider for 3rd party data? The right data aggregator is the one that furnishes a more robust understanding of your business, and operations. Obviously, you need to look for quality, accuracy, reliability, profitability and great results. Ultimately, it aims at fulfilling your marketing goals.

AudiencePrime: One Stop Solution for All Your Data Needs

With AudiencePrime identity- linked marketplace, you can leverage the power of audience data at scale. In addition, it helps to fuel your audience-driven marketing initiatives by accessing relevant audience segments from trusted and premium partners. With the AudiencePrime identity- linked marketplace, you get high-quality segments from premium publishers ready for multi-channel orchestration.

AudiencePrime provides you data activation and helps you identify and reach the offline customers online. The platform finds and reaches new audiences across multiple touchpoints running tailored audience campaigns across multiple channels.

In addition, it allows you to purchase and activate audience data segments from its identity linked audience data marketplace. It does so into programmatic platforms, email, SMS, social media and several others. Finally, do not worry much about data privacy and security. AudiencePrime provides you with a safe haven to manage and activate customer data.

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