Single Customer View to Supercharge your Business

Excited to know how a single customer view can supercharge your business? Let’s start!

It wasn’t long ago when businesses used to claim that winning a customer’s heart lies in the quality of the product or service they deliver.

But things are different now.

Now, a critical success determinant has turned up to deliver the best customer experience.

81% of companies consider customer experience as a competitive differentiator. (Source:

When Adobe and Econsultancy held their annual digital trends report, they took a survey from B2B firms to provide their opinion on the single most thrilling opportunity for 2020. (Source:

The common reply is customer experience.

Customers want businesses to listen, know, and value them. Even 96% of customers say customer service plays a vital role, which determines their loyalty towards brands. If you’re not adhering to their increasing demands, they will not take a moment to leave you. (Source:

What could be the possible way-out for it? 

Obviously, to achieve this, you need complete details of the customer in one place—that which we usually call in the digital world as a single customer view or 360-degree customer view

Here in this article, We are focusing mainly on the role of a customer one view in tackling the business issues encountered due to poor customer experience.

Let’s discuss them in detail following the below format:

Here we go!

What is a Single Customer View?

Generally speaking, the single view of the customer is the 360-degree coverage of the customer’s accurate picture during their interactions with the products and services of the company.

Usually, the audience data sources to be saved in a customer one view is decided by the organization based on their organization needs, but generally, it includes-

  • Transactional, historical activity
  • Campaign response data
  • Demographics data
  • Suppression information
  • Original acquisition channel
  • Communication history
  • And touchpoints in a customer journey.

These data businesses collect it from many systems, including – CRM, Website, PoS, Social, media channels, ESPs, In-store, E-commerce platforms, and many more.

In a nutshell-

a single view customer is the building block that makes a brand’s relationship with customers experimental instead of transactional. Single customer view marketing is the magic mantra to long-standing customer relationships and engagements.

However, obtaining a customer one view using your audience data needs all hands on deck. 

When you start, you must have complete information of the customer connection with brands in the past, present, and future. By using this audience data, businesses can predict future buying behaviors and build a plan that focuses on the pain points and queries of the customers.

Why Do We Require a Single Customer View?

To explain, customer one view has provided so many reasons for the organizations to adopt a single view of customer data model in their business. But, to make it happen, the major challenges organizations encountering are holding more valuable data and using it effectively.

Let’s know the reasons for customer one view requirements in brands-

Build Confidence in Brands to Ensure Accuracy in Targeting

Whether you’re going for email marketing or campaign ads, targeting in the right way to your audience will only fulfill the purpose. Otherwise, it’s like burning money. Having a customer one view with granular level precision can help the brands to better categorize them for targeting.

Enhanced Customer Experience

A customer one view holds the complete interaction details of the customer with brands which help brands to skip the double work they may face while dealing with the customers and saves time of the customer service executives. 

Smooth Flow of Internal Process

Whatever be the query of the customers, which relates to any department of the organization. The executive can answer by just referring to the database, which saves time and better support to the customer.

Let’s consider a single customer view example- when a customer one view has a chat history of a customer with the executive, next time when customer inquiries update of it, the executive can understand their problem from a customer one view database and provide the right solution to them without any delay.

Better Attribution

The customer journey for buying a product or service is most of the time dynamic. They see products in ads or mails and search it on Google, see it on websites and buy it from offline stores. Their stages vary depending on their moods, preference, and behaviors.

With a customer one view, you can get the chart of your customer journey. These details help you in gaining better insights into your customers.

Now you’re cleared with the reasons for adopting a customer one view. 

Let’s jump to know single customer view use cases or benefits!

What are the Primary Benefits of Applying a Single Customer View?

Effective Personalization

As customer one view provides the complete interactions with brands in one place, these help brands reach their customers when they are actually in need instead of bombarding them with irrelevant messages, especially organizations that follow multiple channels. If customers get the same message on various channels they use, they get disturbed and leads to the downfall of their loyalty towards your brands. 

Let’s explain to you with an example- 

If a person enquired for an Adidas brand shoe online; their data gets saved in a single view of the customer profile, based on this activity of the customer, they can send the prevailing offers active at that same time, with compelling messages on their most active channel.

Eliminates the Potential for Inaccuracies and Redundancies

Having a single view of the customer helps the brands to avoid inevitable mistakes that affect their customer experience, such as- 

  • Sending the wrong message to the person
  • Sending the same message twice
  • Not sending any message
  • Or sending the same messages to the same person on its different mails it uses.

Getting the 360 Views of the Customers

It’s the primary benefit of the customer one view that helps the organizations to view complete details of the customer in one place. Rather than worrying about searching out the details of the customers in- 

  • Various channels
  • Data sets
  • Or departments related to those customers. 

Additionally, a customer one view provides more accurate information about the customer across multiple channels, platforms, devices, or sites.  

You get access to the entire customer journey of the customer, the point they start enquiring about the product on any platform, purchase of the product to maintain retention of the customer. 

Consider an example- 

If someone enquired about the product through the chat process and again when they come to the store to purchase the same, brands can quickly identify them from their earlier actions saved in the single view of the customer database and can help them in suggesting the same.

A Win-Win Situation for Customers and Brands

Customers will get the notification to the things they are interested in at that point in time. It means they are getting helpful service from brands with the right messages and offers.

In case of brands, a customer one view helps them to increase customer loyalty and advocacy, reduced risk of churn, increased customer lifetime value, and valuable customer insights for improved retention, up-sell, and cross-sell

Steps to Build a Single Customer View to Deliver Best Customer Experience in Digital Marketing.

The organization can’t reach their intended goal, without the proper strategy in place for building a single customer view architecture.

Here is the list of steps for your consideration-

  • Create a chart of your customer journey
  • Integrate all your customer data
  • Enable customer identity matching
  • Provide your customer success team access to the single view of the customer.

These broad steps will help the brands to come up with the right solution for their customers that actually resonate with their prospects.

Having a detailed view of the customer at one place as a one customer view helps the brands to make-

  • Personalized product suggestions
  • Cart abandonment reminders
  • Up and cross-sell campaigns
  • Re-engaging shopping lists
  • Customized discount offers, service advice
  • And the list could go on, it just depends on the purpose of brands to reach the customer.

To better understand customer one view,

let’s have a look at this example-

You can’t send the same message to all of your customers, because all your customer won’t be in the same stage of their customer journey like some are your-

  • Prospect customers
  • Active customers
  • ‘At risk’ customers
  • Lapsed customers

If you have clear insights of your customers in which stage they lie, you can send them customized messages to them, which can help brands to convert ‘at risk’ and ‘lapsed’ customers to ‘active’ customers and win the loyalty of the customers.

Even you have the options to know their behavior from their activities like- 

  • Which time they spent on mobiles
  • When they have last order
  • Last purchase frequency
  • Purchase value
  • And much more granular level information to reach them accordingly with customized offers and promotional codes to grab the attention of the customers. 

You can find many single customer view platforms and single customer view tools in the market. Single customer view examples are- AudiencePrime, Blueven, Salesforce Single customer view, and many others.

But when you want to experience the same with a free platform to leverage out of it, you can go with AudiencePrime. It has all features which all other paid platforms have with benefits such as- 

Key Takeaways for a Single Customer View

Marketing has revolutionized from time to time, but the end goal is the same to improve customer experience and bridge the gap between customer expectation and customer experience.

Customer one view is one of the possible solutions that assist the organization in unifying every interaction of the customer across various channels in one place.

A single view of the customer helps the brands to reach their customers at the moment of their need with customized offers. A single view of the customer increases customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, enhanced process efficiencies, and enhanced customer support at all levels of the customer journey.

Isn’t it a single view of the customer sounds great! Yeah, a single view of the customer is practiced by many organizations and leveraging out of it. You can also give it a try to a prominent single customer view platform, AudiencePrime!

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