How People-Based Marketing is Creating a New Revolution in Digital Ecosystem?

Personalized ads are a great way to drive conversions. Until recently, marketers used only cookie ids to target audiences.

However, they realized that cookie-based marketing was not as accurate as it was thought to be, because they concentrated more on targeting cookies rather than the real person behind it.

Depending on only cookies can be misleading at times, and the targeted ad may not serve the purpose. So, how to bridge this gap?

Well, this led to the advent of People-Based Marketing.

People-Based Marketing

What is People-Based Marketing?

People-Based Marketing is a marketing approach where the focus will shift from targeting cookies to Real People.

  • This approach tries to identify, understand, and analyze the real people (users) before targeting them with personalized ads.
  • The idea is to understand user/user behaviour and not to create ads based on cookie behaviour.
  • Earlier, ads were targeted only based on cookies – not much importance was given in analyzing the user.
  • People-Based Marketing is all about reaching the real user with the right message at the right time and at the right place.

It is indeed tough but possible with Identity Resolution and Persistent Ids!

What are Persistent Ids?

Persistent Ids are customer ids collected from deterministic data. These ids are captured when a user logins/signups to a particular website/channel.

Cookies can only provide data from website users, whereas ad ids are captured from app users.

But, Persistent Ids can be captured from multiple devices, platforms, & channels. Allowing marketers to target customers on different platforms through Persistent Ids.

So, how can you achieve a single customer view through persistent ids?

Identity resolution is the key!

Identity resolution is a process where you will map and match different identifiers of customers to achieve a single view of consumers across different devices/channels. Infact, identity resolution unlocks the door to perform people-based marketing.

Yet, with all these features, marketers are facing some big challenges!

Challenges of People-Based Marketing

  • 1Recognizing the right audience
  • 2Gathering the correct data
  • 3Poor data quality
  • 4Data privacy policies

Even with many challenges, People-Based Marketing can create a win-win for marketers. There are several advantages to a People-Based Marketing strategy.

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People-Based Marketing is an integral part of multi-channel marketing. Through this strategy, marketers get to achieve a single view of customers as they can identify the users across multiple channels and platforms.

Thanks to big data, analytics, audience segmentation, and many such advanced methods, marketers can perform People-Based Marketing and achieve Multi-Channel Marketing experience.

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