A Complete Synopsis on Programmatic Advertising Platform

“To Whom, When and Where” you serve ads automatically is programmatic targeting in a nutshell. Whereas to understand the “How” part, you need to know about a programmatic advertising platform! Programmatic advertising platforms not only automate ad buying and selling but also enable you to do an omnichannel or multichannel orchestration depending upon the provider. … Read more

Leverage Customer Journey Map for a Guaranteed Martech Strategy

“Every coin has two sides”, likewise every marketing strategy has two perspectives – a marketer’s viewpoint and the customer’s perspective. Only resolving the pain points on your side isn’t enough, you need to fix issues from your consumer’s end as well. Wondering, how can you do that? By creating a Customer Journey Map. Of course, … Read more

Tracing The Key Points of a Single Customer View

A single customer view gives a solid foundation for brands to experience the evolution of such a database where they can store and maintain a single record for each customer instead of multiple records. In addition, single customer view ensures accurate targeting and enhanced customer relations. With this, it helps in effective personalization, renders better … Read more

Capturing the Crucial Touchpoints of Customer Journey Map

Are you reaching your customer through multiple channels? Then, how will you understand your consumer’s journey? A Customer Journey Map is your answer! A Map helps you navigate from one place to another, whereas a Customer Journey Map aids you in understanding your consumers’ digital journey. Tracking a buyer’s journey through multiple channels/platforms helps you … Read more

Single Customer View to Supercharge your Business

Excited to know how a single customer view can supercharge your business? Let’s start! It wasn’t long ago when businesses used to claim that winning a customer’s heart lies in the quality of the product or service they deliver. But things are different now. Now, a critical success determinant has turned up to deliver the … Read more