Why do Brands Need to Create an Omnichannel Experience?

Companies with powerful omnichannel experience retain 89% of their customers. Moreover 91% of omni channel brands have an increase in year over year customer retention compared to non omnichannel brands. (source: V12)

This conveniently shows how predominant is the customer focus in an omnichannel strategy and a seamless experience is all you need to give them. Therefore, here we are to discuss everything you should know to deliver your customers the same.

Here are the topics which we have covered in this article:

What Does Omnichannel Mean?

What Is Omnichannel Customer Experience?

How to Create Omnichannel Experience?

What are the Benefits of Omni Experience?


Leveraging AudiencePrime to Create an Omnichannel Presence

What Does Omnichannel Mean?

Omnichannel means reaching customers through all channels of communication. Most marketers are going for an omnichannel approach because it helps in creating a consistent shopping experience for the customers.

But, isn’t omnichannel marketing different from the omnichannel experience? Yes, indeed, both are slightly different. Let’s understand more about it further.

What Is Omnichannel Customer Experience?

It leverages a multichannel strategy to combine marketing, retail and customer experience. That is to say that wherever your customers are, you will be able to provide them with superior customer experience. The omni-channel experience aims to create a seamless and integrated buying journey with your brand.

Here’s an Example

For instance, if a customer visits your retail store and is unable to find that one product which he is looking for. He’ll check with a sales representative about the availability of the product.

In turn, the sales representative checks his iPad and tells you that it’s not available in-store. Then, he guides you to place an order in an app, and that particular product will be delivered to your home address after a few days.

Well, most of the time, this doesn’t happen linearly. And, many businesses may not be equipped to provide a seamless experience. Imagine, when the sales representative doesn’t give any information regarding that particular product, then the customer will leave the store without making a purchase.

Or the customer will think that this brand doesn’t have the product and starts searching in another store. Hence, this is proving to be more effective than many other approaches.

Whereas, omnichannel marketing is all about reaching customers with ads through offline and online channels that are integrated. Here, you are just concerned about targeting your customers through multiple channels in an integrated fashion.

How to Create Omnichannel Experience?

Omnichannel customer experience is all about serving customers by integrating sales, customer service and marketing. So that your customer will have a consistent experience while shopping with your brand.

Whether it’s a chatbot, social media, website or your retail store itself, your customers should not find it difficult to make a purchase or get accurate information about your products/services.

Hence, there are some significant factors which help you create an omni experience for your customers. These are your steps to do so:

Resolving Customer Identities

One of the most important aspects of any omni channel or multichannel approach is to resolve the identities of customers. Meaning, you need a single customer view to map your customer journey across offline and online channels.

Hence, you need to use ad tech features such as identity resolution first to unify the identity of your customers. Otherwise, it isn’t easy to understand user interaction on different channels.

Getting a unified view of your customers will aid you in understanding your customer journey better and therefore provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Tracing Your Customer Journeys

You can leverage a customer journey map or even a customer experience map best to understand your customer buying journey with your brand.

It’ll not only allow you to understand which channel from your multichannel system is effective but also where your customers are facing the issue.

Customer journey maps are a great way to track all the touchpoints of your customers and analyze your user interaction with your brand.

Creating a Superior Omnichannel Strategy

A well-planned omnichannel strategy helps you in providing a seamless omni experience. These strategies will help you to maintain a balance between transparency, quality, flexibility, speed and interaction within each of the channels that your customers visit.

Using Technology

Leveraging the correct tools and technologies are crucial to improving omnichannel user experience with your brand. Many businesses lack the skills to implement and optimize the right technology to enhance their business.

Especially in an omni experience, technology plays an important role. Be it a mobile, desktop, in-store kiosks or any other technology is crucial for your brand to get omnichannel customer engagement.

What Are the Benefits of Omnichannel Experience?

Today, most businesses are opting for omnichannel presence as it is helpful for both brands and customers to create a bond with each other. They are:

Enhanced Customer Engagement

When your customers have an excellent omni experience, they tend to engage with your brand more. Also, since your customers have a flexible buying journey, they would spend more time engaging with your brand’s products/services.

Increasing Customer Retention

Your customers will not back off without making a purchase, and they will also become your loyal customers as they get back to your brand whenever they want to purchase any product. Finally, there will be an increase in customer retention rate.

Boosting Your Sales

One of the primary goals of any brand is to improve the conversions. By creating a seamless omnichannel user experience, there is no doubt that your sales will increase.

To Conclude with Omnichannel Experience

Most businesses today are moving from multichannel marketing to omnichannel presence as it’s showing great results for the brand. Creating an omnichannel experience is not an easy task, but it’s quite beneficial in driving more customers and sales to your brand.

You can define robust marketing strategies and adopt a multichannel approach to create a consistent user experience. Interestingly, the omni approach involves not only online channels but also offline channels and customer service sectors as well. Therefore, omnichannel experience is the future for MadTech space

Leveraging AudiencePrime to Create an Omnichannel Experience

Most businesses rely on particular platforms to create an omnichannel presence for their brand. AudiencePrime is one such unique platform which has a wide range of features to carry out different advertising strategies.

As a DIY platform, AudiencePrime helps your business grow and improve your customer engagement. You can leverage features like data onboarding to identity resolution and many more to create a superior omnichannel customer experience.

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