Why do Brands Need to Create an Omnichannel Experience?

Companies with powerful omnichannel experience retain 89% of their customers. Moreover 91% of omni channel brands have an increase in year over year customer retention compared to non omnichannel brands. (source: V12) This conveniently shows how predominant is the customer focus in an omnichannel strategy and a seamless experience is all you need to give … Read more

Is Omnichannel Retailing Going to Be the Future Of Retail?

Omnichannel Retailing isn’t about being everywhere, but about being exactly everywhere your customer is. It focuses your attention to where customers come from and what approaches to implement so that you don’t lose them. So, if you thought omnichannel retailing was just another story like multichannel, break your myths by learning with us a lot … Read more

A Complete Synopsis on Programmatic Advertising Platform

“To Whom, When and Where” you serve ads automatically is programmatic targeting in a nutshell. Whereas to understand the “How” part, you need to know about a programmatic advertising platform! Programmatic advertising platforms not only automate ad buying and selling but also enable you to do an omnichannel or multichannel orchestration depending upon the provider. … Read more

Retargeting Ads: The New-Age Strategy For Successful Businesses

“Retargeting can increase conversion rates by almost 150%” (source 1). The primary purpose of retargeting ads is to remind the customers about the brand which they visited once. Hence, the chances of conversions are more. Means, improved customer engagement leading to an increase in ROI! These days, retargeting ads have become so common that your … Read more

Why Businesses Must Adopt Omnichannel Retailing?

Did you know that omnichannel retailing brands can retain on an average 89% of their total customers? While companies with weak omnichannel strategies have a customer retention rate of 33%. (source: v12 data).Let’s add another note to this. Do you know where you get your customers from? Surely you do. But, do you know where … Read more