‘9 Top Retargeting Platforms’ for Marketers In 2020

If retargeting platforms weren’t there, only 2% of users would convert on their first visit to a website. Yes! You read that right. Around 97% of visitors that leave a website, never return to it. As a result, retargeting entered to turn the ‘missed opportunities’ into potential customers. In simple words, the retargeting platform is … Read more

A Complete Synopsis on Programmatic Advertising Platform

“To Whom, When and Where” you serve ads automatically is programmatic targeting in a nutshell. Whereas to understand the “How” part, you need to know about a programmatic advertising platform! Programmatic advertising platforms not only automate ad buying and selling but also enable you to do an omnichannel or multichannel orchestration depending upon the provider. … Read more

Retargeting Ads: The New-Age Strategy For Successful Businesses

“Retargeting can increase conversion rates by almost 150%” (source 1). The primary purpose of retargeting ads is to remind the customers about the brand which they visited once. Hence, the chances of conversions are more. Means, improved customer engagement leading to an increase in ROI! These days, retargeting ads have become so common that your … Read more

Leverage Customer Journey Map for a Guaranteed Martech Strategy

“Every coin has two sides”, likewise every marketing strategy has two perspectives – a marketer’s viewpoint and the customer’s perspective. Only resolving the pain points on your side isn’t enough, you need to fix issues from your consumer’s end as well. Wondering, how can you do that? By creating a Customer Journey Map. Of course, … Read more

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Marketing: Choosing Which and Why?

Are you stuck between picking omnichannel vs. multichannel marketing? Wondering which strategy really works for you? Burn your curiosities with the infographic below! Audienceprime: Leading Platform for Multichannel Marketing and Seamless Omnichannel Marketing Audienceprime helps you to reach your audiences with a multichannel marketing platform and makes omnichannel marketing experience extraordinarily seamless. So, are you … Read more