Multi-channel Marketing: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

With the right multi-channel marketing strategy, you leverage a wide number of multiple channels to interact everywhere with your customers. Wondering how?

For instance, your user reads a blog post, gets a direct mailer or text message, and sees a social media post about the same campaign. Being found everywhere sounds excellent right?

Of course, it does! In this super-competitive era, if your company doesn’t keep up the multi-channel marketing game, you’re going to struggle.

Wondering how and why? Read this!

We will tell you everything you must know about multi-channel marketing. Starting from:

Concluding with the AudiencePrime Solution.

Firstly, What is Multi-channel Marketing Strategy?

Put up; it utilizes multiple platforms for the same campaign and empowers marketers to know & reach consumers like never before.

For instance, a campaign that includes similar ads across various social media platforms, email, paid advertisements, and other platforms is a multi-channel strategy.

What Are the Multi-Channel Marketing Examples or Mediums Used? 

Some multi channel examples prevalent today are Email, mobile phone, social media, television, website, direct mail, outdoor ads like posters/ billboards etc.

With data activation, you can make your data actionable by running tailored audience campaigns across various digital channels-Display, Social, Email etc and reach your target audience across multiple touch points.

When a user finds you in multiple channels, it creates a powerful impression with audience members and helps the user recollect about your company/offerings at topmost priority when they want to strike a deal.

Why Is Multi-Channel Marketing Important? Here’s the Proof!

It is undoubtedly the need of today. Don’t believe us? Check these :

  • 40% of agency clients derive more than 1/4th of their e-commerce revenue from mobile channels, and almost 10% of them get the majority revenue from mobile in capturing that revenue from marketing channels.
  • 40% of the marketers stuck to paid searches in driving online sales, while 26% said that display ads and 18% prefer social media worked for them. Multichannel is the best of all worlds.
  • 50% of multi-channel marketers claim that they “usually” or “always” hit their financial targets. Multi-channel marketing system plays a critical role here.
  • Brands having multi-channel presence make it easier for 72% of customers to stay connected and hence is more Multi-channel Marketing activation and attribution.
  • 51% of companies today use at least eight marketing channels.

(source:gotonextpage and ecommercegermanynews)

Basically, How Does a Multichannel Marketing Strategy Work?

Let’s think of a few multi-channel marketing examples.

Users use the internet in different ways. While some use it during work hours, others spend all day scanning and scrolling through social media reaches. Also, a lot of people avoid the internet entirely.

So, how do you reach them all?

A multi-channel marketing strategy is designed to reach all these audiences in some way or another. How?

Check your steps below to get your marketing campaign off the ground:

Know Your Audience/Customer Journey.

The essential part while you run a successful multi-touch attribution in marketing, you need to know where your audience spends their time. The channels that you include in your campaign should be the ones that are popular among your target audience.

Focusing on Your Core Messaging.

Try to make the campaign’s message strong and consistent with letting your marketing stick in your customer’s mind. You can establish a brand personality that connects with your audience members and create an identifiable messaging across your marketing channels.

Using Automation

Timing plays a vital role when you are creating a multi-channel campaign. So an automation tool will keep you stuck to a schedule and stay close to multiple individuals without much ado.

Tracking Your Results

You should track opening rates, responses, and engagement to identify which platforms are giving you the best results. When you know which marketing channels are delivering more, you can put their best use

What Are the Main Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing?

When you incorporate a multi-channel marketing strategy, it can greatly improve your success rates. Let’s talk about some great benefits of multichannel marketing:

Multi-Channel Marketing Improves Customer Perception.

When customers see your consistent messaging across multiple platforms, you give them more touchpoints and opportunities to engage and hence they become more loyal towards you and take you forward.

Reinforces Brand Recognition

Now think about your favorite brand. Today it is accessible anywhere and everywhere via a hand-held device. Finding it across all channels makes it easy for you to find and want things instantly.

Get a Better Persona Alignment

Multiple channel options allow you to target specific demographics and behaviors better. It helps you understand which personas are more receptive to channels like Facebook, email, or text messages, mobile push notifications, TV, or phone calls.

Enhances the Engagement Points

What could be better than having several ways to engage and convert a prospective customer, if you’re trying to sell a product? Obviously, the more the paths, the better the prospects.

Multi-Channel Marketing Simplifies Selling

When a brand is present everywhere, engaged and updated, it becomes a user’s “go-to” option. Ultimately, you’ll be top of mind whenever they wish to make a buying decision.

Helps in Gaining Repeat Business

Say, once you have a client, you can keep them engaged with your multi-channel efforts. Deliver on your promises through this strategy, and they’ll count on you 24/7.

Eases the way To Collect Data and Analyse

One of the major benefits is that the more channels you utilize, the easier it is to know and understand your buyer’s journey.

Saves You money

Business owners can find the right mix to deliver the lowest CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) by adequately managing their multi-channel strategy, and thus achieving a faster ROI.

Conclusion: Your Customers Are Everywhere. Are You?

It is better if your marketing campaigns are multi-channel in one way or the other as the benefits of multichannel marketing are dominating the recent trends.

Some campaigns benefit you by utilizing three or four different channels and can help you improve ROI. It also helps you in enhancing connections, leads, and conversions.

Data exchanges help in collecting, storing, unifying and managing data about the target audience from your audience marketplace or the data marketplace and can be used by analytics to enhance the efficiency.

When you’re able to be everywhere on their minds, they are more likely to get back to you when they plan a buying. 

Want To Explore All Data-Based Marketing Possibilities Without Worrying About Privacy and Security?

Audienceprime helps you to achieve a single customer view & reach your audiences with a multichannel marketing platform, while you boost your multi-channel strategies with CRM onboarding & audience marketplace. It provides you with a haven to manage and activate data accordingly.

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