Multi-Channel Marketing: Your Customers Are Everywhere. Are You?

Is Multi-channel marketing the need of the hour?

Don’t you want to reach your customers through multiple marketing channels and derive maximum benefits.

When you’re able to be everywhere on their minds, they are more likely to get back to you when they plan a buying.

So, Multi-Channel marketing has to be your unmissable strategy!

The infographic below gives you the glimpse of everything you should know.

Multi-channel marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing: Your Customers are everywhere. Are you?

What is a Multi-channel marketing strategy?

A multi-channel marketing strategy utilizes multiple platforms for the same campaign and empowers marketers to know & reach consumers like never before.

Why to do Multi-channel marketing?


of agency clients derive more than 1/4th of their e-commerce revenue from mobile channels, and almost 10% of them get the majority revenue from mobile in capturing that revenue.


of marketers use paid searches to drive online sales, while 26% use display ads, and 18% prefer social media. So, multi-channel altogether is the best fit.


of multi-channel marketers hit their financial targets.
Source: gonextpage

How to do Multi-channel marketing?


Know your audience / customer journey

While you run a successful multi-channel marketing campaign, firstly you need to know where your audience spends their time & map it.


Focus on your core messaging

Now, establish a brand personality that connects with your audience members and create an identifiable messaging across your marketing channels.


Use automation

Incorporate an automation tool to stick by a schedule and stay close to multiple individuals without must ado.


Track your results

Finally, track opening rates, responses, and engagement to identify which platforms are giving you the best results.


Improves Customer Perception


Reinforces Brand Recognition


Get a Better Persona Alignment


Enhances the Engagement Points


It Simplifies Selling


Helps in Gaining Repeat Business


Eases the way to Collect Data and Analyse


Saves you money


when you’re able to be everywhere on their minds, they are more likely to get back to you when they plan a buying. So multi-channel marketing is definitely a big hit.

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