Why is the Identity Resolution Platform in the Spotlight?

“Two-thirds of customers use more than one channel to shop”, as per Franklin (source 1). Here’s when the question of customer identity occurs. So, to map your customer buying journey through multiple touchpoints, identity resolution platform is very much important. Also, it’s essential to resolve the identities of customers to create an effective omnichannel marketing … Read more

What Is Identity Resolution and Why Should You Care?

Do you wonder why you need Identity resolution? Imagine about having a process that combines multiple identifiers all across the data touchpoints to resolve identities and create a holistic and omnichannel view of your customers? With several users using several channels and devices, now you can reach them everywhere, and every time they make a … Read more

Leverage Customer Journey Map for a Guaranteed Martech Strategy

“Every coin has two sides”, likewise every marketing strategy has two perspectives – a marketer’s viewpoint and the customer’s perspective. Only resolving the pain points on your side isn’t enough, you need to fix issues from your consumer’s end as well. Wondering, how can you do that? By creating a Customer Journey Map. Of course, … Read more

Identity Resolution and Why It’s Beneficial For Customer-Centric Marketing?

As we advance in technology, marketers are getting access to several platforms, devices or channels to market their products. Similarly, consumers are utilizing multiple online as well as offline channels to make a purchase. Due to this, it’s quite challenging for marketers to identify the customers for targeting relevant ads. So, how can you map … Read more

How People-Based Marketing is Creating a New Revolution in Digital Ecosystem?

Personalized ads are a great way to drive conversions. Until recently, marketers used only cookie ids to target audiences. However, they realized that cookie-based marketing was not as accurate as it was thought to be, because they concentrated more on targeting cookies rather than the real person behind it. Depending on only cookies can be … Read more