9 Best Data Activation Platforms to Look for in 2020!

Imagine a picture. You own a car and it carries ample amounts of fuel too. You turn the start key on. Still, the car doesn’t move. Why? Possibly because the engine wasn’t started. Similarly, data is like the fuel in the car and data activation platform is the ignition source, without which the car won’t do much.

Data activation platforms and DMPs are helpful in data collection from several sources and audience creation. Besides now the potential needed is in activating the data. It relishes on putting the data collected to action and therefore performs the next big thing to the phenomenon of customer data management.

Here is our overview of the best 9 data activation platforms.

1) AudiencePrime

AudiencePrime as one of the best data activation platforms help you identify and reach the offline customers online. The platform finds and reaches new audiences across multiple touchpoints running tailored audience campaigns across multiple channels and allows you to purchase and activate data segments from its data marketplace to programmatic platforms, email, SMS, social media and several others. Finally, without worrying much about data privacy and security, AudiencePrime provides you with a safe haven to manage and activate customer data.

2) Oracle

Oracle is the industry’s leading cloud-based platform that makes it convenient for marketing organizations to personalize their data, online, offline, mobile marketing campaigns etc with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. These data activation centre help in knowing the difference between multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing and cross-channel marketing and use the active data to optimize and personalize the cross-channel customer journey as much as possible.               

3) Lotame

Lotame is a well-known data solutions company, that helps marketers, publishers, and agencies in discovering new customers, enhancing engagement, and growing revenue through the audience data. It is well- trusted for providing data activating services. It uses sources like social websites, campaign data, email, CRM tools, etc. Besides, users have access to a manual and fully automated suite of audience activation tools. These customer data activation platforms help in increasing engagement and unifying your data too.

4) Salesforce Data Activation

Salesforce has its very own data activation platform. It is excellent for the marketers who are looking to capture, unify and activate customer data across multiple touchpoints to thus optimize campaign ROI. The platform from Salesforce makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning & provides users with complete customer data profiles, multi-channel engagement and helps engage with existing customers (as well as find new prospects). It also allows responding to new data signals and sources to identify new audiences.

5) OnAudience.com

OnAudience.com is another popular data and technological solution among advertisers. It enables its users to reach the target audience by building custom segments based on attributes such as age, gender, online behavioural data, etc, which are considered crucial for online advertising. OnAudience.coms data activation tool is constantly growing and is known for offering good support implementation while you activate your data. It also provides its user with the means to discover new customers.

6) Snowflake

Snowflake offers data activation as a vital service and runs at high speed and efficiency. It helps you in data sourcing, data sharing and activating of your data and gives you insights from all your data to advance your business. The platform uses a multi-cloud strategy, which includes a cross-cloud approach to mix and match clouds. Snowflake has built-in performance too, which means there’s no infrastructure to manage, making it very easy to use.

7) Adobe

The Adobe data activation platform connects siloed data and activates it thus making the data actionable. Adobe is able to manage data at scale. They collect, organize and add insights to the audience data. These platforms are responsible for identifying data, data segmentation, and activating audiences precisely and profitably and improve campaigns easily to support your business goals.

8) Sas Data Activation Platform

The SAS Data Activation is a part of SAS which is a leading data management vendor. It is beneficial in collecting data, storing data and running data applications. This platform enables you to update data, activate data, target audiences and alter the processes involved. These are great in data analysis, data processing and data governance too.


ADEX is one of those self-hosted data solutions that enable great data activation along with data management, audience extension, audience enrichment, data segmentation, data analysis and data collection from various online and offline channels to achieve efficient targeting and campaign results. In addition, it is easy to use and offers great customer support along with data protection and data security facilities.

Choose the Right Data Activation Platform and Take Your Marketing Goals to Another Level

To reiterate, what is data activation? It is about creating ad campaigns from audience segments and activating it across several multiple channels. As you put your audiences into action or activate the audience data, the ad campaigns created to reach your target audience through various channels (social, programmatic, display etc.)

In conclusion, companies are beginning to understand the “omnichannel imperative”, and talk about connecting every touchpoint throughout the journey. As a result, the customer journey is becoming increasingly more personal and vital.

So, now the need of the hour is that data collected from a multitude of touchpoints ought to be consolidated and data activation and DMP activation is the ideal solution.

In addition, they enable you to “cosy up to the customer” and offer them more personalised services throughout their customer journey.  Therefore, it becomes the final extremely important step of audience targeting.

Want to perform data onboarding, advanced audience segmentation, media activation, data activation, seamless marketing, and a lot more, without worrying about privacy and security, all in one place?

Get started with AudiencePrime today!

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