Harnessing Perks of 7 Best Third-Party Data Marketplace

Is getting all the profitable third-party data complex, a resource-consuming process for you? Do you keep trying to mash together data from multiple data marketplaces often complicating your job? But, there’s a better way- Third-party data marketplace! The 3rd Party Data providers deliver instant access to the leading B2B and  B2C data providers. As a … Read more

11 Most Important 2nd party Data Providers In 2020

Relying on first-party data marketplaces is a good idea, but what if you are unable to expand your audience segments to tremendously fuel your marketing campaigns? So, a massive count of businesses today refers to 2nd party data providers to use audience data to leverage second-party data to reap excellent profits for customer-centric businesses. But … Read more

Are Data Marketplaces Discovering Great Data Potentials?

Did you know that the data marketplace is going to unlock more than $3.6 trillion in value ending 2030? And on another note, almost 100% of the data selling companies shall be selling data to the data buyers. Doesn’t this make data marketplaces massively crucial in this informative and data-driven era? Conclusion The industry experts … Read more

9 Best Data Activation Platforms to Look for in 2020!

Imagine a picture. You own a car and it carries ample amounts of fuel too. You turn the start key on. Still, the car doesn’t move. Why? Possibly because the engine wasn’t started. Similarly, data is like the fuel in the car and data activation platform is the ignition source, without which the car won’t … Read more

Second-Party Data – An Energy Booster in Marketing Efforts

Are you unable to reach broader audiences? That’s probably because of your niche audience data. No worries, acquiring second-party data will put you on track. Surviving only on first-party data may not fulfil all your business goals. You need additional data to carry out an effective marketing strategy and increase traffic to your brand. In … Read more