11 Most Important 2nd party Data Providers In 2020

Relying on first-party data marketplaces is a good idea, but what if you are unable to expand your audience segments to tremendously fuel your marketing campaigns? So, a massive count of businesses today refers to 2nd party data providers to use audience data to leverage second-party data to reap excellent profits for customer-centric businesses.

But how do you figure out which serves the best purposes for you? We have compiled here a list of the best platforms to hit your 2nd party data strategy.

Have a Look At the Top 2nd party Data Providers In 2020

AudiencePrime 2nd Party Data Provider

With the AudiencePrime Marketplace, you get high-quality second-party data segments from premium brands. AudiencePrime Marketplace has a wide range of audience data segments from different sectors. It is an excellent opportunity to find a variety of data segments to enhance your targeting. In addition, with this data market, you have the option of sharing your data with specific brands, and buyers can make private deals with the sellers. Therefore, it gives you unique flexibility that you may not find in other second-party data providers.


The Lotame second-party data solutions company helps marketers, publishers, and agencies in discovering new customers, enhancing engagement, and growing revenue through audience data. It is one of those 2nd party data providers well- trusted for providing 2nd party data services. It helps data buyers to find the data they need and provides tools to enable secure transactions. In addition, it makes it easy for sellers to connect with buyers and turn their data into great revenues by data monetization.

Salesforce 2nd Party Data Aggregator

The Salesforce 2nd Party Data Marketplace platform is excellent for the marketers who are looking to capture, unify and activate data across various touchpoints to optimize campaign ROI. The platform from Salesforce makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning & provides users with complete customer data profiles, multi-channel engagement and helps engage with existing customers (as well as find new prospects). It also allows responding to new second-party data signals and sources to identify new second-party audiences.

Narrative I/O

With Narrative I/O, you can own your own data strategy. This is a data streaming platform that makes it easy to get the data you need. This 2nd party data marketplace makes it easy for you to find, buy, and activate the data you need, whenever you need it. It focuses on streamlining your data acquisition, so you can better focus on driving business results. This 2nd party data aggregator simplifies the packaging, pricing, and management of your data monetization efforts while keeping you in control.


The Adobe has a platform in the 2nd Party Data Marketplaces area & Data Management Platforms (DMP). It, as one of the best second-party data providers, is able to manage data at scale. They collect, organize and add insights to the audience data. These platforms are responsible for identifying second-party data, data segmentation, and activating audiences precisely and profitably and improve campaigns easily to support your business goals.


The Dawex data platform is a trusted place for 2nd party data suppliers and buyers and provides for flexibility to sell, buy and share the 2nd party data. It allows you to set up a personalized contract license to promote your data, access new sources and still protect your data. You can find your correspondence history and transaction details at any time, exchange data frequently and monetize data effectively.

OwnerIQ 2nd Party Data Provider

The ownerIQ’s second-party data marketplace is used to access, share and/or exchange shopping and purchasing data. By leveraging 2nd party data, it gives full transparency into the data source and greater confidence in its accuracy to the buyers. The platform believes in giving complete control over user participation. You can leverage the marketplace to buy data, share data or do both depending upon their choice. The platform helps in making the data actionable too.


With LiveRamp 2nd party data marketplace, you can access unique, trusted 2nd party data to enhance and extend your customer knowledge. It enables you to better connect, control, and activate 2nd party data. After that, it helps in transforming customer experiences and generating more valuable business outcomes. The platform makes your data persistent, consistent, and portable across the marketing ecosystem. As a result, eases it for the marketers to activate data anywhere they want to.


The HubSpot is one of those names among the 2nd party data providers that offer a full stack of software for sourcing, collecting, sharing and activating 2nd party data sets. It has integrations with data vendors and facilitates marketing, sales, CRM and customer service at its core. It helps marketers to connect with customers to optimize data transactions and promotes businesses.

Adelphic 2nd Party Data Provider

It offers a second-party data marketplace based on various advertiser objectives (e.g., high viewability or completion rates). These options also allow you to leverage your data transaction services. In addition, Adelphic connects brands with the right advertising inventory that matters and helps drive results. Adelphic makes it feasible to incorporate second-party data into your marketing strategies. Further, it helps you to target segments and easily activate these customer segments.


The Eyeota second-party data sharing works with data owners, marketers, and research companies to provide distinct, comprehensive and qualified 2nd party audience data. The Eyeota Audience Marketplace enables marketers to influence consumers with a robust set of audiences. These audiences are built on demographics, intent, interest, a past purchase, purchase, industry verticals and seasonal events. The platform analyzes and transforms this data into relevant audiences that marketers can use for data enrichment and boosting campaigns.

Why Choosing the Right 2nd Party Data Provider Is Crucial?

Now you are familiar with the best second party data aggregators in the ecosystem. But isn’t it an obvious curiosity that why second-party data marketplaces are so vital for businesses and marketers?

Second-party data marketplace is an extremely useful platform and it serves several applauding benefits.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of 2nd part data providers here.

2nd Party Data Providers help you reach new audiences

Firstly, if you want to find new customers and expand into a new market, second-party data it is. As your first-party data is limited to your existing customers so to reach wider, you’ll need some data about customers who may become your audiences.

Second-party data providers predict consumer behaviour

These also improve your ability to predict audience behaviour. After that, you can anticipate their needs, and reach out to them with the right messages, ads and products at the right time.

They add value to the already existing information

Second-party data providers will add insights to the data you already have as your first-party data. As a result, you get a more robust and accurate pool of data to make your user business decisions

It improves the targeting of your marketing campaigns

This enhances campaign, audience targeting and marketing performance. In addition, you can use a second-party data marketplace to improve your ad campaigns likewise you would use 1st party data.

Second-party data marketplaces increase the data scale.

Ultimately, although first-party data is highly valuable but often lacks scale as it includes only customer data. To achieve scale with campaigns, data marketplaces add 2nd party data from other sources. It is a great way to extend your audience data and improve the reach of your campaign while still maintaining the data quality.


Therefore, when you work with second-party data providers, you need not find 2nd party data sellers or buyers on your own. These services make selling and buying second-party data exceptionally quick and easy. They help you find the data you need and provides you with tools that allow secure, transparent transactions taking care of data privacy concerns.

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