‘9 Top Retargeting Platforms’ for Marketers In 2020

If retargeting platforms weren’t there, only 2% of users would convert on their first visit to a website. Yes! You read that right. Around 97% of visitors that leave a website, never return to it. As a result, retargeting entered to turn the ‘missed opportunities’ into potential customers. In simple words, the retargeting platform is … Read more

Harnessing Perks of 7 Best Third-Party Data Marketplace

Is getting all the profitable third-party data complex, a resource-consuming process for you? Do you keep trying to mash together data from multiple data marketplaces often complicating your job? But, there’s a better way- Third-party data marketplace! The 3rd Party Data providers deliver instant access to the leading B2B and  B2C data providers. As a … Read more

11 Most Important 2nd party Data Providers In 2020

Relying on first-party data marketplaces is a good idea, but what if you are unable to expand your audience segments to tremendously fuel your marketing campaigns? So, a massive count of businesses today refers to 2nd party data providers to use audience data to leverage second-party data to reap excellent profits for customer-centric businesses. But … Read more

Why do Brands Need to Create an Omnichannel Experience?

Companies with powerful omnichannel experience retain 89% of their customers. Moreover 91% of omni channel brands have an increase in year over year customer retention compared to non omnichannel brands. (source: V12) This conveniently shows how predominant is the customer focus in an omnichannel strategy and a seamless experience is all you need to give … Read more

Are Data Marketplaces Discovering Great Data Potentials?

Did you know that the data marketplace is going to unlock more than $3.6 trillion in value ending 2030? And on another note, almost 100% of the data selling companies shall be selling data to the data buyers. Doesn’t this make data marketplaces massively crucial in this informative and data-driven era? Conclusion The industry experts … Read more