2nd party data provider- audienceprime

11 Most Important 2nd party Data Providers In 2020

Relying on first-party data marketplaces is a good idea, but what if you are unable to expand your audience segments to tremendously fuel your marketing campaigns? So, a massive count…

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Why Brands Need to Create an Omnichannel Experience?

“Companies with powerful omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers”, as per V12. Interesting, isn’t it? Since customers are using multiple channels to shop, it’s essential to…

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Are Data Marketplaces Discovering Great Data Potentials?

Did you know that the data marketplace is going to unlock more than $3.6 trillion in value ending 2030? And on another note, almost 100% of the data selling companies…

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Identity resolution platform

Why is the Identity Resolution Platform in the Spotlight?

“Two-thirds of customers use more than one channel to shop”, as per Franklin (source 1). Here’s when the question of customer identity occurs. So, to map your customer buying journey…

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9 Best Data Activation Platforms to Look for in 2020!

Imagine a picture. You own a car and it carries ample amounts of fuel too. You turn the start key on. Still, the car doesn’t move. Why? Possibly because the…

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